Planetary Nebulae
Planetary Nebulae
Planetary Nebulae
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Non published PN candidates  
   (98 inputs) 
NameGalactic Coord.RADECSizeType
DeGaPe 71PN-G 259.6-03.808:18:8.5-42:34:16.000.1 arc minPossible NP
DrBl 1PN-G 107.1-14.923:23:36.14+45:13:03.941.3 arc minPossible NP, CSPN ?
EMol 1PN-G 048.7+01.419:15:23.58+14:43:13.560.1 arc minPossible NP
Hu 8PN-G 073.0-04.120:32:09.00+32:37:18.000.1 arc minActive core galaxy
MulPa 1PN-G 326.0-02.915:57:10.90-57:13:20.400.1 arc minPossible NP
Pa 167PN-G 158.3-05.604:17:26.43+42:35:57.064.2 x 1.5 arc minPossible NP
Pa 168PN-G 273.4+00.709:30:25.00-50:16:30.600.1 arc minPossible NP
Pa 169PN-G 286.3-01.010:34:27.70-59:28:48.300.1 arc minPossible NP
Pa 170PN-G 293.7-03.311:23:35.80-64:39:25.500.1 arc minPossible NP
Pa 171PN-G 297.9+05.712:15:14.20-56:43:32.201.2 arc minPossible NP
Pa 172PN-G 298.1+04.512:15:44.30-57:58:17.600.1 arc minPossible NP
Pa 173PN-G 302.8-01.012:50:37.90-63:54:56.400.1 arc minPossible NP
Pa 174PN-G 308.5-01.413:42:22.20-63:45:34.000.1 arc minPossible NP
Pa 175PN-G 312.2-02.114:16:11.40-63:30:20.600.1 arc minPossible NP
Pa 176PN-G 315.1-00.914:36:22.20-61:21:13.100.1 arc minPossible NP
Pa 177PN-G 319.0+01.414:55:37.50-57:28:02.200.1 arc minPossible NP
Pa 178PN-G 319.8+01.115:01:47.90-57:22:59.700.1 arc minPossible NP
Pa 179PN-G 321.0+01.415:08:31.00-56:33:01.000.1 arc minPossible NP
Pa 180PN-G 319.5-01.115:08:56.40-59:33:16.000.1 arc minPossible NP
Pa 181PN-G 321.0-02.215:23:49.00-59:40:50.300.1 arc minPossible NP
Pa 182PN-G 333.9-01.616:30:09.60-50:52:15.200.1 arc minPossible NP
Pa 183PN-G 337.6-01.716:46:01.00-48:10:02.300.1 arc minPossible NP
Pa 184PN-G 338.4-04.317:01:02.00-49:09:09.700.1 arc minPossible NP
Pa 185PN-G 340.6-03.617:05:29.65-47:01:47.800.1 arc minPossible NP
Pa 186PN-G 339.8-04.417:06:37.20-48:05:26.500.1 arc minPossible NP
Pa 187PN-G 340.0-04.317:06:59.84-47:59:05.400.1 arc minPossible NP
Pa 188PN-G 348.9-02.217:25:48.00-39:26:32.200.1 arc minPossible NP
Pa 189PN-G 001.3+05.617:27:19.27-24:44:04.100.1 arc minPossible NP
Pa 190PN-G 354.6+01.017:27:59.90-32:54:10.100.1 arc minPossible NP
Pa 192PN-G 354.4+00.617:29:07.98-33:16:30.461.2 x 0.9 arc minPossible NP
Pa 193PN-G 348.8-04.117:34:02.74-40:32:45.600.1 arc minPossible NP
Pa 194PN-G 005.3+05.217:38:20.45-21:40:28.400.1 arc minPossible NP
Pa 195PN-G 002.7+03.317:39:33.08-24:48:44.900.1 arc minPossible NP
Pa 196PN-G 357.4-01.817:46:49.48-32:05:32.500.1 arc minPossible NP
Pa 197PN-G 002.6+00.917:47:59.90-26:12:38.300.1 arc minPossible NP
Pa 198PN-G 353.1-06.217:54:36.70-37:59:45.900.1 arc minPossible NP
Pa 199PN-G 354.0-05.817:55:24.00-37:00:34.000.1 arc minPossible NP
Pa 200PN-G 358.6-03.517:56:29.30-31:56:43.900.1 arc minPossible NP
Pa 201PN-G 000.3-03.017:58:40.73-30:10:02.200.1 arc minPossible NP
Pa 202PN-G 000.4-05.618:09:08.95-31:23:52.800.1 arc minPossible NP
Pa 203PN-G 003.2-04.318:10:15.10-28:15:28.790.1 arc minPossible NP
Pa 204PN-G 003.5-05.018:13:46.14-28:23:55.800.1 arc minPossible NP
Pa 206PN-G 093.1+05.321:00:00.22+54:18:11.051 arc minPossible NP
PaStDr 2PN-G 066.8+00.919:55:52.27+30:16:09.902.3 arc minPossible NP, CSPN ?
Pre 67PN-G 319.8+01.015:02:07.31-57:25:21.120.1 arc minPossible NP
Pre 68PN-G 349.3-00.517:19:51.44-38:09:41.030.1 arc minPossible NP
Ra 72PN-G 353.7-00.717:33:06.77-34:38:16.200.1 arc minPossible NP
Ra 73PN-G 038.0+01.818:54:12.34+05:26:42.900.1 arc minPossible NP
RaPas 1PN-G 037.3-02.219:07:32.90+02:56:26.980.1 arc minPossible NP
RaPas 2PN-G 037.5-02.319:08:12.94+02:59:48.700.1 arc minPossible NP
Ras 3PN-G 286.0+14.211:16:39.49-45:31:15.600.1 arc minPossible NP
Ras 4PN-G 286.5+15.711:22:31.16-44:17:46.200.3 x 0.2 arc minPossible NP
Ras 5PN-G 287.1+15.511:24:48.51-44:40:59.300.4 x 0.3 arc minPossible NP
Ras 6PN-G 287.6+14.711:25:59.48-45:34:32.200.1 arc minPossible NP
Ras 7PN-G 291.6+17.411:51:09.38-44:06:11.300.9 x 0.7 arc minPossible NP
Ras 8PN-G 292.0+16.011:51:28.73-45:33:50.100.3 arc minPossible NP
Ras 9PN-G 292.1+16.411:52:14.90-45:12:22.600.2 x 0.1 arc minPossible NP
Ro 10PN-G 356.2-01.517:42:24.44-32:57:03.470.1 arc minPossible PN
Ro 7PN-G 322.6-00.315:25:55.06-57:12:59.450.1 arc minPossible NP
Ro 8PN-G 323.6+00.315:28:14.78-56:03:10.040.1 arc minPossible NP
Ro 9PN-G 325.1-00.215:40:01.40-55:43:24.800.1 arc minPossible NP
StDr 18PN-G 161.1+04.405:11:33.10+47:04:52.340.7 arc minPossible NP
StDr 19PN-G 195.6-02.306:10:36.21+14:10:39.140.2 x 0.1 arc minSNR ?
StDr 20PN-G 233.0+03.507:42:18.85-16:08:41.146 arc minPossible NP, CSPN ?
StDr 21PN-G 282.4-00.210:12:51.49-56:42:25.620.1 arc minPossible NP
StDr 22PN-G 297.4+05.512:11:06.97-56:50:46.170.9 arc minPossible NP
StDr 23PN-G 307.1-01.113:29:26.42-63:40:36.830.1 arc minPossible NP
StDr 24PN-G 052.4+04.919:09:28.66+19:35:14.160.6 arc minPossible NP, CSPN ?
StDr 25PN-G 057.4+01.219:33:49.94+22:15:05.560.4 arc minPossible NP
StDr 26PN-G 054.3-03.819:46:10.90+17:06:09.110.2 arc minPossible NP, CSPN ?
StDr 27PN-G 079.1-02.120:42:07.58+38:38:08.783 arc minPossible NP, CSPN ?
StDr 28PN-G 054.4+03.919:17:25.11+20:52:31.202 arc minPossible NP, CSPN ?
StDr 29PN-G 065.4+20.218:29:02.10+37:20:05.355 arc minLikely PN, CSPN ?
StDr 30PN-G 056.6-00.819:39:47.96+20:34:10.051.3 arc minTrue PN
StDr 31PN-G 015.9+01.618:13:54.93-14:17:06.9311 x 4.6 arc minPossible NP, CSPN ?
StDr 32PN-G 200.6-00.706:25:53.99+10:33:08.816.6 arc minPossible NP, CSPN ?
StDr 33PN-G 201.6+03.906:44:52.15+11:49:08.302.1 x 0.6 arc minPossible NP
StDr 34PN-G 047.1+02.019:10:23.97+13:32:21.490.6 arc minTrue PN
StDr 35PN-G 125.0-07.901:06:12.41+54:54:11.4116 x 10 arc minPossible NP, CSPN ?
StDr 36PN-G 140.2+03.703:24:22.82+61:20:40.105.2 arc minPossible NP, CSPN ?
StDr 37PN-G 177.2-00.205:37:44.06+31:09:17.501.8 arc minPossible NP, CSPN ?
StDr 38PN-G 226.6-10.606:37:32.39-16:58:30.801.7 x 0.8 arc minPossible NP, CSPN ?
StDr 39PN-G 223.5-03.106:59:32.57-10:52:14.309 arc minPossible NP, CSPN ?
StDr 40PN-G 241.2+01.007:50:31.08-24:26:38.545.5 x 3.0 arc minPossible NP, CSPN ?
StDr 41PN-G 335.0+04.716:07:46.64-45:33:11.204 arc minPossible NP, CSPN ?
StDr 42PN-G 064.8-03.820:09:27.67+25:59:38.301.4 arc minPossible NP, CSPN ?
StDr 43PN-G 101.4-01.922:16:18.23+54:18:42.107 arc minPossible NP, CSPN ?
StDr 44PN-G 220.9-00.807:03:06.26-07:31:45.4021 x 13 arc minPossible NP, CSPN ?
StDr 45PN-G 049.8+02.019:15:34.52+15:56:09.002.6 arc minPossible NP, CSPN ?
StDr 46PN-G 133.2-00.902:15:34.62+60:11:00.901.1 arc minPossible NP
StDr 47PN-G 253.7+19.409:27:31.46-23:22:34.404.5 arc minPossible NP, CSPN ?
StDr 48PN-G 247.0+01.008:04:10.74-29:21:57.503 arc minPossible NP, CSPN ?
StDr 49PN-G 025.6-08.319:08:19.59-10:18:17.769 arc minPossible NP, CSPN ?
StDr 50PN-G 324.8+00.815:33:28.80-54:56:20.008.5 x 6.0 arc minPossible NP, CSPN ?
StDr 51PN-G 014.1-00.718:19:11.74-16:59:17.500.7 arc minPossible NP, CSPN ?
StDr 52PN-G 012.4+02.518:03:25.73-16:53:05.232.4 arc minPossible NP, CSPN ?
StDr 53PN-G 105.4-03.322:44:54.68+55:09:25.600.3 arc minTrue PN
Su 6PN-G 355.5+48.214:59:12.10-01:05:56.060.1 arc minPossible NP
Planetary Nebulae
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  Current classification:
855 inputs in total, with:
- 60 planetary nebulae
- 20 likely planetary nebulae
- 632 possible planetary nebulae
- 143 other objects
In 2020...
125 inputs have been added to the lists, with:
- 106 PN candidates and 19 "objects"
  PN candidates not yet published:
NameGal. Coord.Origine
StDr 53PN-G 105.4-03.3IPHAS, DSS...
StDr 52PN-G 012.4+02.5SHS, PanSTARRS...
StDr 51PN-G 014.1-00.7SHS, PanSTARRS...
StDr 50PN-G 324.8+00.8SHS, DECaPS...
StDr 49PN-G 025.6-08.3SHS, PanSTARRS...
StDr 48PN-G 247.0+01.0SHS, DECaPS...
StDr 47PN-G 253.7+19.4DSS, PanSTARRS...
StDr 46PN-G 133.2-00.9IPHAS...
StDr 45PN-G 049.8+02.0IPHAS, PanSTARRS...
StDr 44PN-G 220.9-00.8SHS, PanSTARRS...
  PN candidates observations:
206 observations made
Link to the spectroscopic observations list: HERE
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