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Planetary Nebulae
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Non published PN candidates  
   (145 inputs) 
NameGalactic Coord.RADECSizeType
Bl 1PN-G 188.0+02.406:12:50.50+23:07:34.907.3 x 3.9 arc minPossible NP
DeGaPe 61PN-G 296.3-02.111:50:17.10-64:12:14.100.1 arc minPossible PN
DeGaPe 62PN-G 319.0-04.115:17:59.50-62:18:33.900.1 arc minPossible PN
DeGaPe 63PN-G 308.9-00.513:44:14.60-62:47:01.702.3 x 1.3 arc minPossible NP
DeGaPe 64PN-G 332.1-01.016:19:03.30-51:42:09.300.1 arc minPossible NP
DeGaPe 65PN-G 352.9+02.317:18:26.80-33:36:31.000.1 arc minPossible NP
DeGaPe 66PN-G 352.6+02.717:16:00.00-33:31:24.3024.3 arc minPossible NP
DeGaPe 67PN-G 352.1+03.017:13:36.40-33:47:49.500.1 arc minPossible NP
DeGaPe 68PN-G 352.0+01.017:21:11.80-35:00:43.500.1 arc minPossible NP
DeGaPe 69PN-G 351.5+02.617:13:18.10-34:31:42.000.1 arc minPossible NP
Dr 1PN-G 260.9-08.507:59:49.12-46:10:47.351.8 arc minPossible PN, CSPN ?
Dr 2PN-G 248.0-05.307:40:55.00-33:33:22.841.3 arc minPossible PN, CSPN ?
Dr 3PN-G 248.4+02.108:11:58.34-29:56:41.391.8 arc minPossible PN, CSPN ?
Dr 4PN-G 346.9-00.017:10:32.75-39:47:36.840.7 x 0.6 arc minPossible PN
Dr 5PN-G 103.9+05.521:57:35.52+61:51:28.950.2 arc minPossible PN
Dr 6PN-G 318.9+00.814:57:10.32-58:03:36.550.1 arc minPossible PN
Dr 7PN-G 321.3+00.415:13:54.00-57:11:51.230.2 arc minPossible PN
Dr 8PN-G 294.5+01.211:42:41.88-60:27:28.020.3 arc minPossible PN
Dr 9PN-G 319.2-03.715:17:45.49-61:56:31.600.2 arc minPossible PN
Dr 10PN-G 354.2-00.517:33:28.85-34:05:55.780.1 arc minPossible PN
Dr 11PN-G 024.8-06.018:58:33.41-09:56:38.950.7 arc minPossible PN
Dr 12PN-G 296.2-00.211:53:33.19-62:21:26.640.1 arc minPossible PN
Dr 13PN-G 250.9+02.008:17:51.85-32:04:40.320.3 arc minPossible PN
Dr 14PN-G 233.7-00.407:29:05.45-18:37:03.458.6 x 5.8 arc minLikely PN
Dr 15PN-G 316.3+01.514:37:10.21-58:34:08.379.4 x 7.6 arc minRegion HII, Possible PN
Dr 16PN-G 312.6-00.814:16:01.83-62:04:18.500.2 arc minPossible PN
Dr 17PN-G 324.2+04.015:18:32.75-52:28:22.501 arc minPossible PN, CSPN ?
Dr 18PN-G 313.9+07.114:6:51.86-54:07:42.452 arc minPossible PN
Dr 19PN-G 227.9+00.207:20:18.50-13:10:35.032.3 arc minPossible PN
Dr 20PN-G 012.1-33.120:27:59.68-30:56:02.205.3 arc minPossible PN
Dr 21PN-G 107.1-14.823:23:49.89+45:16:54.437.5 arc minPossible NP, CSPN ?
Dr 22PN-G 249.9+02.408:17:13.44-31:03:39.064 arc minPossible NP, CSPN ?
Dr 23PN-G 078.6+14.019:25:26.71+46:46:26.428 arc minPossible NP, CSPN ?
Dr 24PN-G 058.7-07.420:08:33.85+19:01:24.886.4 arc minPossible NP, CSPN ?
Dr 25PN-G 094.4+10.420:36:51.53+58:27:57.332.6 arc minPossible NP, CSPN ?
Dr 26PN-G 145.3+05.604:06:49.60+59:43:46.083 arc minPossible NP, CSPN ?
Dr 27PN-G 117.4-05.200:11:03.42+57:10:36.309 arc minCSPN ? NP Probable
Dr 28PN-G 139.3-09.802:33:54.60+49:45:51.734.5 arc minPossible NP, CSPN ?
Dr 29PN-G 051.5-01.719:32:45.83+15:43:12.576.2 arc minPossible NP, CSPN ?
Dr 30PN-G 109.9-08.123:25:34.37+52:32:36.6966 arc minPossible NP, CSPN ?
Dr 31PN-G 052.6-02.019:35:50.13+16:28:47.500.6 arc minPossible NP, CSPN ?
Dr 32PN-G 169.4+03.805:34:06.69+39:56:03.200.5 arc minPossible NP, CSPN ?
Dr 33PN-G 048.7+02.619:11:02.73+15:17:48.001.2 arc minPossible PN, CSPN ?
Dr 34PN-G 179.9+01.305:51:00.85+29:39:10.140.5 x 0.4 arc minPossible PN, CSPN ?
Dr 35PN-G 111.4-05.923:30:41.11+55:04:11.829.9 x 8.6 arc minPossible PN, CSPN ?
Dr 36PN-G 125.3-08.901:07:40.04+53:52:24.022.7 x 2.1 arc minPossible PN, CSPN ?
Dr 37PN-G 046.9-00.819:20:26.60+12:02:19.812 x 1.3 arc minPossible PN, CSPN ?
DrSti 1PN-G 125.1-09.101:06:28.60+53:40:52.305 arc minPossible PN, CSPN ?
Fe 11PN-G 245.5+00.107:57:08.10-28:33:25.000.4 x 0.3 arc minPossible PN
Hu 7PN-G 077.0+10.719:38:19.16+43:52:44.705 x 3 arc minPossible PN
Kan 7PN-G 357.9-00.817:44:02.13-31:06:48.000.1 arc minPossible PN
Mo 24PN-G 307.2+00.913:27:47.46-61:39:12.440.4 x 0.3 arc minPossible PN, Nébuleuse par réflexion ?
Mo 25PN-G 012.7+08.417:42:47.92-13:42:57.800.1 arc minPossible PN
Mo 27PN-G 283.9+05.710:43:37.30-52:19:02.605.0 x 3.0 arc minPossible PN, globule cométaire ?
Mo 26PN-G 322.5-02.215:33:00.03-58:49:42.400.2 arc minPossible PN
Mo 28PN-G 289.7+06.411:20:28.93-54:04:09.282.1 x 1.5 arc minPossible NP
Mo 29PN-G 284.2-05.709:58:53.27-62:14:34.262.0 x 1.8 arc minPossible NP
Mo 30PN-G 298.1-05.611:59:56.08-68:02:17.971.0 x 0.7 arc minPossible NP
Mo 31PN-G 297.5+02.512:08:17.51-59:50:59.761.9 arc minPossible NP
Mo 32PN-G 328.9-05.216:24:22.56-56:54:04.820.4 arc minPossible NP
Mo 33PN-G 335.4-05.316:54:17.69-52:09:36.442.0 x 1.3 arc minPossible NP, cometary globule ?
Mo 34PN-G 313.2-00.814:20:40.01-61:56:26.550.1 arc minPossible NP
Pre 54PN-G 295.6+02.011:52:26.65-59:59:56.300.2 x 0.1 arc minPossible PN
Pre 55PN-G 287.2+00.810:47:55.90-58:14:34.000.6 x 0.6 arc minPossible PN
Pre 56PN-G 307.2+03.813:25:01.44-58:41:39.780.7 arc minPossible PN
Pre 57PN-G 349.0+04.216:59:36.91-35:30:21.140.2 arc minPossible PN
Pre 58PN-G 011.2+02.917:59:19.90-17:47:17.500.5 arc minPossible PN
Pre 59PN-G 297.4+03.612:09:10.24-58:46:00.610.4 arc minPossible PN, CSPN ?
Pre 60PN-G 313.7+02.214:16:48.38-58:50:37.730.1 arc minPossible PN
Pre 61PN-G 297.4+03.512:08:40.48-58:49:47.160.1 arc minPossible PN
Pre 62PN-G 283.1-01.210:13:18.64-57:58:16.190.2 arc minPossible PN
Pre 63PN-G 298.1+05.112:16:17.49-57:22:25.660.4 arc minPossible PN, CSPN ?
Pre 64PN-G 357.4-02.017:47:52.13-32:09:50.440.3 arc minPossible PN
Pre 65PN-G 305.4-00.713:13:45.74-63:33:44.170.3 arc minPossible PN
Pre 66PN-G 302.2+02.812:45:57.64-60:00:03.850.3 arc minPossible PN, CSPN ?
PreDr 1PN-G 325.8-02.415:53:37.96-57:02:08.300.2 x 0.1 arc minPossible PN
PreMo 2PN-G 349.3-00.617:20:36.39-38:12:49.790.1 arc minPossible PN
PreMo 3PN-G 007.1+01.617:55:40.60-21:55:54.000.1 arc minPossible PN
PreRa 1PN-G 007.4+00.618:00:11.91-22:10:48.980.1 arc minPossible NP
PreRo 3PN-G 002.7-01.217:56:40.23-27:11:18.780.1 arc minPossible PN
Ra 70PN-G 007.1-00.818:04:45.60-23:12:22.700.1 arc minPossible PN
Ra 71PN-G 320.1+01.215:03:16.90-57:07:19.700.1 arc minPossible PN
Ras 1PN-G 290.7-00.011:10:13.24-60:31:57.900.2 x 0.1 arc minPossible NP
Ras 2PN-G 321.6+01.015:13:31.22-56:32:42.102.3 arc minPossible NP
Ro 4PN-G 349.3-00.117:18:07.28-37:53:37.600.1 arc minPossible PN
Ro 5PN-G 012.9-01.918:21:10.08-18:36:29.640.5 x 0.4 arc minPossible PN
Ro 6PN-G 316.7-01.014:48:23.77-60:45:28.670.3 x 0.2 arc minPossible PN
Ro 3PN-G 317.8+00.514:50:27.55-58:47:33.020.1 arc minPossible PN
St 16PN-G 293.0-01.411:24:07.44-62:39:29.160.2 x 0.1 arc minPossible PN
St 17PN-G 290.8+02.911:19:05.09-57:44:30.600.3 x 0.2 arc minPossible PN
St 18PN-G 286.3-05.010:17:36.38-62:53:10.671.9 arc minPossible PN
St 19PN-G 347.3+02.617:00:48.08-37:52:46.160.2 arc minPossible PN
St 20PN-G 303.7-03.612:59:28.79-66:32:48.500.2 arc minPossible PN
St 21PN-G 286.4-00.410:37:20.64-58:59:43.040.2 arc minPossible PN
St 22PN-G 299.2-05.112:12:05.11-67:45:31.680.3 arc minPossible PN
St 23PN-G 342.9+01.316:51:41.96-42:3:39.120.4 x 0.3 arc minPossible PN
St 24PN-G 337.2+02.216:27:00.01-45:49:44.310.2 arc minPossible PN
St 25PN-G 285.9+00.910:39:12.45-57:31:41.510.4 x 0.2 arc minPossible PN
St 26PN-G 301.0-04.512:32:17.77-67:20:30.800.5 arc minPossible PN
St 29PN-G 352.9-02.517:38:28.70-36:16:45.060.2 arc minPossible PN
St 30PN-G 266.4-02.108:48:35.07-47:06:45.460.4 x 0.3 arc minPossible PN
St 31PN-G 340.5-06.017:17:12.68-48:31:56.790.5 arc minPossible PN
St 32PN-G 286.0-01.810:29:47.92-59:58:41.650.1 arc minPossible PN
St 33PN-G 278.2-02.809:37:53.03-56:07:56.600.7 arc minPossible PN, CSPN ?
St 34PN-G 291.8+02.811:26:02.53-58:11:41.360.5 arc minPossible PN
St 35PN-G 297.9+00.912:09:48.48-61:32:02.431 arc minPossible PN
St 27PN-G 348.9+03.617:01:44.30-35:56:36.570.1 arc minPossible PN
St 28PN-G 331.1-01.216:15:36.31-52:34:03.700.1 arc minPossible PN
St 36PN-G 261.2-01.608:32:39.26-42:39:53.050.1 arc minPossible NP
St 37PN-G 261.8+02.108:50:54.04-40:47:52.260.5 arc minPossible NP
St 38PN-G 267.9-01.608:56:24.83-47:50:42.200.2 arc minPossible NP
St 39PN-G 299.3-00.712:19:15.16-63:23:23.340.1 arc minPossible NP
St 40PN-G 344.8+00.517:01:10.21-41:07:03.700.1 arc minPossible NP
St 41PN-G 251.2+00.908:14:31.12-32:59:58.931.0 x 0.6 arc minPossible NP
St 42PN-G 285.3+04.110:46:50.51-54:23:32.921.0 x 0.7 arc minPossible NP
St 43PN-G 301.8+02.012:42:15.23-60:46:4.181.1 x 0.8 arc minPossible NP
St 44PN-G 324.9-01.015:42:27.25-56:28:04.200.1 arc minPossible NP
St 45PN-G 259.2+02.808:45:17.90-38:18:11.000.7 arc minPossible NP, CSPN ?
St 46PN-G 268.0-02.308:53:41.36-48:24:59.730.4 arc minPossible NP
St 47PN-G 260.8-00.708:35:18.40-41:46:37.760.7 arc minPossible NP
St 48PN-G 269.3-02.608:57:27.36-49:35:37.670.2 x 0.1 arc minPossible PN
St 50PN-G 275.8+01.009:43:09.93-51:37:26.940.3 arc minPossible PN, HII region ?
St 51PN-G 285.1+05.410:49:22.56-53:09:20.870.7 x 0.5 arc minPossible PN
St 52PN-G 289.6-01.610:56:15.45-61:28:26.020.1 arc minPossible PN
St 53PN-G 292.9+03.711:36:10.02-57:41:19.960.2 arc minPossible PN, CSPN ?
St 54PN-G 292.8+04.611:36:54.60-56:46:53.381 x 0.5 arc minPossible PN, cometary globule ?
St 55PN-G 300.8-00.412:33:09.61-63:16:00.110.1 arc minPossible PN
St 56PN-G 304.6-01.913:07:27.38-64:43:47.910.5 arc minPossible PN
St 57PN-G 308.0-01.813:38:32.35-64:17:43.120.1 arc minPossible PN
St 58PN-G 315.7+02.114:30:44.35-58:15:38.510.1 arc minPossible PN
St 59PN-G 315.9+02.114:32:22.97-58:12:04.450.2 arc minPossible PN
St 60PN-G 316.7-01.114:48:49.50-60:52:31.900.1 arc minPossible PN
St 61PN-G 323.8-01.215:36:33.44-57:18:04.330.1 arc minPossible PN
St 62PN-G 336.4+01.116:28:20.51-47:10:20.550.5 arc minPossible PN
St 63PN-G 339.5+01.316:39:21.47-44:42:05.710.1 arc minPossible PN
St 64PN-G 336.2-03.216:47:15.49-50:14:58.900.1 arc minPossible PN
St 65PN-G 356.2-01.517:42:24.44-32:57:03.470.1 arc minPossible PN
St 66PN-G 001.2-00.917:52:08.56-28:23:37.880.1 arc minPossible PN
St 49PN-G 305.9+01.613:16:14.16-61:04:44.500.1 arc minPossible PN
StRas 1PN-G 334.4+01.016:20:31.10-48:35:36.280.3 arc minPossible PN
StRas 2PN-G 265.1-02.008:44:31.90-46:00:13.510.2 arc minPossible PN
StRas 3PN-G 332.9-03.816:36:23.41-53:03:10.520.4 arc minPossible NP
StRo 1PN-G 344.5+00.616:59:54.59-41:20:42.40.1 arc minPossible NP
Za 1PN-G 206.3-17.305:37:41.50-02:13:52.170.1 arc minPossible PN
Za 2PN-G 209.3-20.905:30:21.70-06:21:13.640.6 arc minPossible PN
Planetary Nebulae
Respect capital letters and spaces !
Example: PN-G 262.4-01.9 or DeGaPe 32
  Current classification:
708 inputs in total, with:
- 44 planetary nebulae
- 17 likely planetary nebulae
- 537 possible planetary nebulae
- 110 other objects
56 spectra made
In 2019...
177 inputs have been added to the lists, with:
- 37 PN candidates and 14 "objects"
6 PN candidates have been confirmed as true PN
  PN candidates not yet published:
NameGal. Coord.Origine
St 49PN-G 305.9+01.6DECaPS...
St 66PN-G 001.2-00.9SHS, WISE, SPITZER...
St 65PN-G 356.2-01.5SHS, WISE...
St 64PN-G 336.2-03.2DECaPS, SHS, WISE...
St 63PN-G 339.5+01.3DECaPS, SHS, WISE...
St 62PN-G 336.4+01.1SHS, DECaPS...
St 61PN-G 323.8-01.2DECaPS, SHS, WISE...
St 60PN-G 316.7-01.1SHS, WISE...
St 59PN-G 315.9+02.1DECaPS, SHS...
St 58PN-G 315.7+02.1DECaPS, SHS, WISE...
  PN candidates observations:
149 observations made
Link to the spectroscopic observations list: HERE
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