Planetary Nebulae
Planetary Nebulae
Planetary Nebulae
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   PNnet publications
DeGaPe 35: Amateur discovery of a new southern symbiotic star
  Thomas Petit et al.
  New Astronomy
  Accepted 21 September 2022
Amateur PN discoveries and their spectral confirmation: A significant new addition to the Galactic PN inventory
  Pascal Le Dû et al.
  Astronomy & Astrophysics
  Accepted 6 April 2022
WHTZ 1: A high excitation Planetary Nebula not a gaseous cocoon from runaway star HD 185806
  Quentin Parker et al.
  Accepted October 2022
The Remnant and Origin of the Historical Supernova 1181 AD
  Andreas Ritter et al.
  The Astrophysical Journal Letters
  10 September 2021
Grantecan spectroscopic observations and confirmations of Planetary Nebulae candidates in the Northern Galactic Plane
  Andreas Ritter et al.
  17 October 2021
Discovery of new faint northern galactic planetary nebulae
  Agnès Acker et al.
  Revista Mexicana de Astronomia y Astrofisica
  June 13th, 2012
YY Hya and its interstellar environment
  Stefan Kimeswenger et al.
  Astronomy & Astrophysics
  Accepted 8 October 2021
   Other publications
Planetary Nebulae: Observational Properties, Mimics and Diagnostics
  David Frew et al.
  Astronomical Society of Australia
  Accepted 2010 January 21
Planetary nebulae and how to find them: A concise review
  Quentin Parker et al.
  Published 29 June 2022
Gas physical conditions and kinematics of the giant outflow Ou4
  Romano Corradi et al.
  Astronomy & Astrophysics
  Accepted 8 July 2014
The planetary nebula IPHASXJ211420.0+434136 (Ou5): insights into common-envelope dynamical and chemical evolution
  Romano Corradi et al.
  The Royal Astronomical Society
  Accepted 2014 April 4
Spectroscopic survey of faint planetary-nebula nuclei III. A [WC] central star and two new PG1159 nuclei
  Klaus Werner et al.
  Astronomy & Astrophysics
  Accepted 29 February 2024
Planetary Nebulae
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Example: PN-G 262.4-01.9 or DeGaPe 32
  Spectroscopic confirmations:
409 observations made
Link to the spectroscopic observations list: HERE
    Here, all the spectroscopic observations made by the French Amateur Group on planetary nebulae candidates.
  Unpublished PN candidates:
474 unpublished PN candidates.
Acces to the complete list: HERE
    The candidates are said to be "published" when they are the object of an official publication in VizieR and in the CDS of the University of Strasbourg.
  Useful links:
HASH:the Hong Kong/AAO/Strasbourg Hα planetary nebula database
2SPOT:the Southern Spectroscopic Project Observatory Team
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