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   The PNST is a group of amateur astronomers who meet regularly to make spectra of planetary nebulae candidates in order to confirm or refute their PN nature. The name of this group came out of a symposium on the planetary nebula APNVII, which took place in Hong Kong in December 2017. The PNST was quoted for its work on a poster (Poster in PDF)
   Since then, this group has grown steadily over the missions that have followed since 2014 and now has a dozen amateur astronomers: Thierry Lemoult, Stéphane Charbonnel, Pierre Dubreuil, Alain Lopez, Thomas Petit, Vincent Lecoq, Bertrand Guégan, Pascal Le Dû, Olivier Garde and Lionel Mulato.
   Agnès Acker is at the origin of this dynamic that was born during a meeting at the Institute of Astrophysics of Paris in February 2014, between astrophotographers, discoverers of planetary nebulae candidates, and astronomers amateur specialists in spectroscopy.
From left to right: T. Lemoult, O. Garde, C. Buil, J. Desbordes, L. Mulato, S. Zoll,
M. Conjat, A. Acker, N. Outters, P. Le Dû, L. Ferrero
   The PNST usually meets on quality sites such as those of the OHP, AstroQueyras or Calern (C2PU) and benefits from large diameter telescopes to try to capture the weak light emitted by these tenuous objects.
Different missions of the PNST:
   OHP 2014: Pascal Le Dû, Thierry Lemoult
   AstroQueyras 2015: Pascal Le Dû
   OHP 2016: Olivier Garde, Pascal Le Dû, Stéphane Charbonnel
   AstroQueyras 2016: Olivier Garde, Pascal Le Dû, Thierry Lemoult
   OHP 2017: Olivier Garde, Pascal Le Dû, Stéphane Charbonnel
   Calern 2017: Olivier Garde, Pascal Le Dû, Pierre Dubreuil, Alain Lopez
   OHP 2018: Olivier Garde, Pascal Le Dû, Thomas Petit
   AstroQueyras 2018: Olivier Garde, Pascal Le Dû, Vincent Lecoq
   Calern 2018: Olivier Garde, Pascal Le Dû, Bertrand Guégan, Pierre Dubreuil, Alain Lopez
   Calern 2019: Olivier Garde, Pascal Le Dû, Bertrand Guégan, Pierre Dubreuil
   OHP 2019: Olivier Garde, Pascal Le Dû, Thomas Petit, Lionel Mulato
Mission pictures:
Planetary Nebulae
Respect capital letters and spaces !
Example: PN-G 262.4-01.9 or DeGaPe 32
  Spectroscopic confirmations:
407 observations made
Link to the spectroscopic observations list: HERE
    Here, all the spectroscopic observations made by the French Amateur Group on planetary nebulae candidates.
  Unpublished PN candidates:
471 unpublished PN candidates.
Acces to the complete list: HERE
    The candidates are said to be "published" when they are the object of an official publication in VizieR and in the CDS of the University of Strasbourg.
  Useful links:
HASH:the Hong Kong/AAO/Strasbourg Hα planetary nebula database
2SPOT:the Southern Spectroscopic Project Observatory Team
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