Planetary Nebulae
Planetary Nebulae
Planetary Nebulae
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Catalog Mul-IR
  (93 inputs)
Lionel Mulato
The catalog Mul-IR includes: 4 planetary nebulae
2 likely planetary nebulae
1 possible planetary nebula
82 objects not ruled on
4 other objects
NameGal. Coord.RADECSizeStatut
Mul-IR 1PN-G 342.0-01.216:59:53.48-44:27:42.80 arc min
Mul-IR 2PN-G 347.0+02.017:02:14.80-38:30:32.00 arc min
Mul-IR 3PN-G 348.6-00.717:18:34.81-38:48:58.40 arc min
Mul-IR 4PN-G 357.6+04.517:22:17.81-28:25:35.90 arc min
Mul-IR 5PN-G 002.5-00.617:54:06.46-27:02:07.50 arc min
Mul-IR 6PN-G 024.6+01.218:31:49.60-06:50:10.00 arc min
Mul-IR 7PN-G 032.0+04.118:35:10.60+01:04:20.00 arc min
Mul-IR 8PN-G 025.5+00.318:36:43.90-06:27:25.00 arc min
Mul-IR 9PN-G 033.9+01.218:48:53.06+01:28:51.300.1 arc minTrue PN
Mul-IR 10PN-G 030.3-01.018:50:36.20-02:44:21.00 arc min
Mul-IR 11PN-G 059.6+01.819:36:07.65+24:29:53.60 arc min
Mul-IR 12PN-G 063.1+01.319:45:44.00+27:14:48.500.1 arc minObject of unknown nature
Mul-IR 13PN-G 045.8+02.419:06:15.34+12:36:49.10 arc min
Mul-IR 14PN-G 050.8+02.319:16:21.40+16:56:39.600.1 arc minTrue PN
Mul-IR 15PN-G 049.1-00.019:21:51.40+14:21:41.30 arc min
Mul-IR 16PN-G 041.3+00.519:04:57.56+07:44:19.000.1 arc minTrue PN
Mul-IR 17PN-G 038.5-03.119:12:47.70+03:34:35.60 arc min
Mul-IR 18PN-G 070.9-00.920:13:41.34+32:45:54.50 arc min
Mul-IR 19PN-G 072.3-05.320:34:26.00+31:18:33.000.2 arc minTrue PN
Mul-IR 20PN-G 004.4+06.317:32:11.17-21:50:02.27 arc min
Mul-IR 21PN-G 000.8+03.217:35:18.04-26:30:03.60 arc min
Mul-IR 22PN-G 003.5+03.217:41:38.30-24:14:41.00 arc min
Mul-IR 23PN-G 009.3+00.118:05:57.22-20:44:33.70 arc min
Mul-IR 24PN-G 003.1-03.918:08:23.80-28:09:31.00 arc min
Mul-IR 25PN-G 010.5-01.018:12:49.66-20:18:54.30 arc min
Mul-IR 26PN-G 009.5-07.018:33:51.49-24:02:52.300.1 arc minPossible PN
Mul-IR 27PN-G 011.7-07.018:38:01.70-22:02:48.000.1 arc minNot NP
Mul-IR 28PN-G 022.0-00.618:33:34.56-09:57:34.60 arc min
Mul-IR 29PN-G 021.2-01.318:34:45.50-10:59:18.00 arc min
Mul-IR 30PN-G 027.2+04.418:25:10.60-02:58:55.00 arc min
Mul-IR 31PN-G 024.5-02.318:44:27.21-08:30:48.70 arc min
Mul-IR 32PN-G 031.7+00.818:46:04.40+00:38:55.00 arc min
Mul-IR 33PN-G 029.0-04.819:01:29.50-05:40:41.00 arc min
Mul-IR 34PN-G 038.2+01.818:54:31.68+05:37:12.30 arc min
Mul-IR 35PN-G 034.9-00.018:55:14.96+01:44:58.10 arc min
Mul-IR 36PN-G 035.3+00.118:55:26.30+02:14:49.00 arc min
Mul-IR 37PN-G 037.3+01.018:55:45.40+04:24:47.00 arc min
Mul-IR 38PN-G 123.1+03.700:54:07.70+66:40:13.00 arc min
Mul-IR 39PN-G 349.4+02.917:06:01.50-36:02:49.00 arc min
Mul-IR 40PN-G 348.1+01.417:07:52.70-37:59:03.00 arc min
Mul-IR 41PN-G 159.0-02.304:33:25.00+44:24:55.00 arc min
Mul-IR 42PN-G 202.9+00.906:36:26.70+09:20:22.00 arc min
Mul-IR 43PN-G 212.8-03.606:38:16.20-01:33:08.000.1 arc minEmission line star
Mul-IR 44PN-G 214.4-01.706:47:55.00-02:08:39.00 arc min
Mul-IR 45PN-G 216.1+01.207:01:37.43-02:17:51.20 arc min
Mul-IR 46PN-G 226.4-00.707:13:40.10-12:22:06.50 arc min
Mul-IR 47PN-G 015.2+05.617:57:53.30-12:55:38.00 arc min
Mul-IR 48PN-G 023.1+05.418:14:09.70-06:07:52.00 arc min
Mul-IR 49PN-G 018.0+00.918:20:14.40-12:44:49.00 arc min
Mul-IR 50PN-G 349.9+05.016:59:10.50-34:22:05.00 arc min
Mul-IR 51PN-G 308.1-02.813:41:30.30-65:12:25.90 arc min
Mul-IR 52PN-G 310.5+02.613:51:44.10-59:20:16.00 arc min
Mul-IR 53PN-G 313.2+02.914:10:43.90-58:17:12.00 arc min
Mul-IR 54PN-G 313.5+01.114:17:23.80-59:55:22.00 arc min
Mul-IR 55PN-G 315.2+01.914:28:19.00-58:36:46.00 arc min
Mul-IR 56PN-G 318.0+00.514:52:06.55-58:44:03.00 arc min
Mul-IR 57PN-G 321.3+02.115:07:35.40-55:44:54.00 arc min
Mul-IR 58PN-G 324.0-00.215:33:26.50-56:17:19.30 arc min
Mul-IR 59PN-G 325.3+01.415:34:03.60-54:09:43.00 arc min
Mul-IR 60PN-G 325.4+01.215:35:12.55-54:19:23.80 arc min
Mul-IR 61PN-G 326.0-02.915:57:10.40-57:13:19.00 arc min
Mul-IR 62PN-G 333.3+00.916:16:15.92-49:26:48.800.1 arc minLikely PN
Mul-IR 63PN-G 338.4+01.816:33:12.70-45:13:44.00 arc min
Mul-IR 64PN-G 337.7+01.116:33:21.50-46:10:41.00 arc min
Mul-IR 65PN-G 346.2-02.717:20:19.20-41:56:35.000.1 arc minLikely PN
Mul-IR 66PN-G 348.2-05.817:39:43.80-42:00:41.00 arc min
Mul-IR 67PN-G 072.6+23.918:20:30.30+44:49:12.00 arc min
Mul-IR 68PN-G 061.7+01.219:43:16.19+26:02:55.10 arc min
Mul-IR 69PN-G 061.7+01.119:43:21.60+26:01:39.10 arc min
Mul-IR 70PN-G 074.7+01.520:13:51.00+37:16:21.00 arc min
Mul-IR 71PN-G 068.6+01.419:58:09.00+32:07:10.00 arc min
Mul-IR 72PN-G 059.6+01.719:36:24.28+24:27:16.00 arc min
Mul-IR 73PN-G 074.5+01.520:13:17.00+37:06:02.20 arc min
Mul-IR 74PN-G 212.7-03.606:38:15.20-01:30:44.40 arc min
Mul-IR 75PN-G 068.8+01.819:57:01.50+32:25:31.00 arc min
Mul-IR 76PN-G 068.6+01.419:58:20.40+32:03:14.00 arc min
Mul-IR 77PN-G 093.5+03.821:09:36.50+53:34:04.00 arc min
Mul-IR 78PN-G 091.7-00.121:19:45.10+49:28:10.00 arc min
Mul-IR 79PN-G 057.1+03.519:24:15.50+23:06:01.00 arc min
Mul-IR 80PN-G 047.0-00.719:20:14.10+12:12:22.00 arc min
Mul-IR 81PN-G 041.6-00.219:08:19.60+07:35:33.00 arc min
Mul-IR 82PN-G 043.9-00.019:12:08.00+09:46:15.00 arc min
Mul-IR 83PN-G 074.3+01.720:11:46.20+37:00:43.00 arc min
Mul-IR 84PN-G 074.5+01.520:13:14.30+37:05:37.00 arc min
Mul-IR 85PN-G 076.4+00.320:23:19.20+37:58:52.00 arc min
Mul-IR 86PN-G 121.2+04.400:33:57.90+67:18:30.00 arc min
Mul-IR 87PN-G 122.6-00.900:49:06.36+61:53:39.80 arc min
Mul-IR 88PN-G 349.7+00.917:15:04.00-36:56:30.00 arc min
Mul-IR 89PN-G 170.7-00.105:21:09.20+36:39:35.000.1 arc minEmission line star
Mul-IR 90PN-G 210.3-00.006:46:32.00+02:18:29.00 arc min
Mul-IR 91PN-G 347.7+13.816:20:59.70-30:13:43.00 arc min
Mul-IR 92PN-G 346.1+07.516:38:00.79-35:42:09.10 arc min
Mul-IR 93PN-G 065.9-03.120:09:27.21+27:19:47.90 arc min
Planetary Nebulae
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Example: PN-G 262.4-01.9 or DeGaPe 32
  Spectroscopic confirmations:
406 observations made
Link to the spectroscopic observations list: HERE
    Here, all the spectroscopic observations made by the French Amateur Group on planetary nebulae candidates.
  Unpublished PN candidates:
470 unpublished PN candidates.
Acces to the complete list: HERE
    The candidates are said to be "published" when they are the object of an official publication in VizieR and in the CDS of the University of Strasbourg.
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HASH:the Hong Kong/AAO/Strasbourg Hα planetary nebula database
2SPOT:the Southern Spectroscopic Project Observatory Team
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