Planetary Nebulae
Planetary Nebulae
Planetary Nebulae
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Catalog Pre
  (73 inputs)
Trygve Prestgard
The catalog Pre includes: 17 planetary nebulae
4 likely planetary nebulae
3 possible planetary nebulae
43 new candidates
3 objects not ruled on
3 other objects
NameGal. Coord.RADECSizeStatut
Pre 1PN-G 053.9-15.820:27:35.50+10:28:10.400.2 x 0. 3 arc minNew candidate
Pre 2PN-G 260.9-11.707:43:32.60-47:47:07.100.4 arc minNew candidate
Pre 3PN-G 290.1+12.611:35:38.20-48:21:10.000.8 arc minNew candidate
Pre 4PN-G 353.9-00.817:33:54.80-34:29:41.400.1 arc minNew candidate
Pre 5PN-G 181.6+02.605:59:40.89+28:50:29.000.9 arc minNew candidate
Pre 6PN-G 050.7+01.119:20:30.00+16:23:34.000.1 arc minNew candidate
Pre 7PN-G 066.2+01.919:50:33.00+30:15:22.000.6 arc minTrue PN
Pre 8PN-G 134.3-43.201:26:36.00+18:51:19.801.6 arc minTrue PN
Pre 9PN-G 024.8-01.418:41:46.20-07:51:29.100.1 x 0.2 arc minTrue PN
Pre 10PN-G 352.0+01.617:18:46.30-34:39:21.600.1 x 0.2 arc minNew candidate
Pre 11PN-G 344.6+01.616:56:15.10-40:36:43.100.1 arc minNew candidate
Pre 12PN-G 352.3+01.917:18:21.00-34:16:34.800.1 arc minNew candidate
Pre 13PN-G 338.9-17.518:17:30.93-55:28:41.400.4 x 0.6 arc minNew candidate
Pre 14PN-G 009.3+02.517:56:52.20-19:33:01.200.1 arc minPossible PN
Pre 15PN-G 009.9+00.418:05:54.10-20:06:44.100.1 arc minNew candidate
Pre 16PN-G 002.3+06.517:26:36.30-23:26:39.000.2 x 0.1 arc minTrue PN
Pre 17PN-G 355.2-02.217:42:53.92-34:09:01.800.1 arc minTrue PN
Pre 18PN-G 012.0+00.218:10:57.20-18:18:39.000.1 arc minNew candidate
Pre 19PN-G 287.9+00.110:50:25.00-59:06:28.000.1 arc minNew candidate
Pre 20PN-G 287.5+00.110:47:52.00-58:56:20.600.1 arc minLikely PN
Pre 21PN-G 027.6+10.518:04:19.60+00:08:04.200.1 arc minTrue PN
Pre 22PN-G 303.7-01.912:58:50.60-64:48:34.400.1 arc minTrue PN
Pre 23PN-G 304.1+08.112:59:45.00-54:40:52.003.2 arc minNew candidate
Pre 24PN-G 161.4-06.504:25:53.60+39:49:10.400.8 x 0.3 arc minGalaxy
Pre 25PN-G 053.1-17.520:31:59.00+08:58:38.0012.0 x 7.2 arc minNew candidate
Pre 26PN-G 334.7-04.816:49:08.50-52:22:48.001.6 x 1.4 arc minNew candidate
Pre 27PN-G 350.4+01.217:15:37.80-36:14:36.700.1 arc minNew candidate
Pre 28PN-G 323.6+10.314:55:15.30-47:27:40.000.5 x 0.4 arc minCircumStellar matter
Pre 29PN-G 286.6+20.911:32:16.50-39:22:20.900.5 x 0.3 arc minNew candidate
Pre 30PN-G 015.8-04.018:34:24.42-17:02:00.901.0 x 0.3 arc minNot NP
Pre 31PN-G 202.0+02.606:41:02.70+10:56:13.900.1 arc minNew candidate
Pre 32PN-G 010.0+09.417:33:48.64-15:26:27.500.1 arc minNew candidate
Pre 33PN-G 297.6-08.111:49:08.40-70:20:31.000.4 x 0.2 arc minNew candidate
Pre 34PN-G 187.7+03.406:16:07.20+23:52:20.001.3 arc minNew candidate
Pre 35PN-G 009.4-03.618:20:14.30-22:30:14.100.1 arc minLikely PN
Pre 36PN-G 130.8-09.801:42:29.00+52:15:53.003.5 arc minNew candidate
Pre 37PN-G 318.5-02.315:06:18.60-61:04:22.000.1 arc minTrue PN
Pre 38PN-G 344.0+01.016:56:54.60-41:28:24.000.1 arc minNew candidate
Pre 39PN-G 300.7+00.512:33:04.80-62:13:29.000.1 arc minNew candidate
Pre 40PN-G 339.0+00.116:42:48.70-45:54:05.000.1 arc minNew candidate
Pre 41PN-G 298.5-01.712:10:53.00-64:17:25.000.1 arc minPossible PN
Pre 42PN-G 346.8+02.217:01:03.72-38:30:39.700.1 arc minTrue PN
Pre 43PN-G 290.8+00.511:12:27.35-59:58:38.000.7 x 0.5 arc minTrue PN
Pre 44PN-G 290.2+02.011:12:42.90-58:21:04.001 arc minTrue PN
Pre 45PN-G 329.9+01.215:58:57.44-51:30:23.000.1 arc minNew candidate
Pre 46PN-G 348.2+03.117:01:18.25-36:52:22.000.3 arc minTrue PN
Pre 47PN-G 329.0+01.815:52:06.60-51:38:12.000.1 arc minNew candidate
Pre 48PN-G 023.1-02.518:42:46.75-09:50:48.000.1 arc minTrue PN
Pre 49PN-G 350.6+04.317:03:58.20-34:11:56.400.2 arc minNew candidate
Pre 50PN-G 252.5-01.608:07:15.80-35:26:39.000.8 x 0.4 arc minTrue PN
Pre 51PN-G 295.7+02.511:54:46.04-59:31:50.500.1 arc minNew candidate
Pre 52PN-G 355.1-01.017:38:06.40-33:35:45.000.1 arc minNew candidate
Pre 53PN-G 018.4-00.818:27:49.75-13:16:59.200.1 arc minNew candidate
Pre 54PN-G 295.6+02.011:52:26.65-59:59:56.300.2 x 0.1 arc minLikely PN
Pre 55PN-G 287.2+00.810:47:55.90-58:14:34.000.6 x 0.6 arc minNew candidate
Pre 56PN-G 307.2+03.813:25:01.44-58:41:39.780.7 arc minNew candidate
Pre 57PN-G 349.0+04.216:59:36.91-35:30:21.140.2 arc minTrue PN
Pre 58PN-G 011.2+02.917:59:19.67-17:47:14.900.5 arc minTrue PN
Pre 59PN-G 297.4+03.612:09:10.24-58:46:00.610.4 arc minTrue PN
Pre 60PN-G 313.7+02.214:16:48.38-58:50:37.730.1 arc minNew candidate
Pre 61PN-G 297.4+03.512:08:40.48-58:49:47.160.1 arc minNew candidate
Pre 62PN-G 283.1-01.210:13:18.64-57:58:16.190.2 arc minNew candidate
Pre 63PN-G 298.1+05.112:16:17.49-57:22:25.660.4 arc minNew candidate
Pre 64PN-G 357.4-02.017:47:52.13-32:09:50.440.3 arc minNew candidate
Pre 65PN-G 305.4-00.713:13:45.74-63:33:44.170.3 arc minNew candidate
Pre 66PN-G 302.2+02.812:45:57.64-60:00:03.850.3 arc minNew candidate
Pre 67 *PN-G 319.8+01.015:02:07.31-57:25:21.120.1 arc minLikely PN
Pre 68 *PN-G 349.3-00.517:19:51.44-38:09:41.030.1 arc minPossible PN
Pre 69 *PN-G 334.1-01.016:28:23.03-50:17:42.190.5 x 0.4 arc minNew candidate
Pre 70 *PN-G 328.3-09.316:44:23.07-60:05:38.894 x 3 arc minNew candidate
Pre 71 *PN-G 109.8-31.600:00:07.00+29:57:00.006.5 arc min
Pre 72 *PN-G 334.3-12.117:28:03.34-56:59:21.689.3 x 5 arc min
Pre 73 *PN-G 317.5+00.514:48:37.00-58:54:51.000.1 arc min
Planetary Nebulae
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Example: PN-G 262.4-01.9 or DeGaPe 32
  Front page image: Alv 3
Pa 4 is a large and faint planetary nebula that is one of more than 200 discoveries by the Deep Sky Hunters member Dana Patchick. Originally discovered in 2005, it wasn't spectroscopically confirmed to be a true PN until 2018. ©Bernhard Hubl
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1067 inputs in total, with:
- 125 planetary nebulae
- 54 likely planetary nebulae
- 37 possible planetary nebulae
- 605 new candidates
- 246 other objects
In 2022...
29 inputs have been added to the database.
  PN candidates not published:
There are 331 unpublished PN candidates.
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  Spectroscopic confirmations:
321 observations made
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