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Spectroscopically confirmed PNe by PNST in early 2020
  April 15th 2020 - Lionel Mulato  PN Confirmation   
Fig1: spectroscopically confirmed PNe by PNST in early 2020

From the start of this year to 15th April 2020, 25 PN candidates have been observed by Pascal Le Dû, Lionel Mulato and Thomas Petit.

Among these objects:
- 10 have been confirmed as True PNe in HASH PN Database thanks their spectrum : PM 1-139, PBOZ 5, KLSS 1- 6, MPA J0639-0554, PM 1-20, IPHAS J192009.35+230816.6, IPHAS J191508.90+150951.5, StDr 1, StDr 30, SH2-123 (StDr 17)
- 2 were actually active galaxies showing noticeable redshifted emission lines (kn 134 and Hu 8)
- 1 was an emission line star (Mul IR-43)
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Date: April 15th 2020
Author: Lionel Mulato
Category: PN Confirmation
Article id: 47
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