Planetary Nebulae
Planetary Nebulae
Planetary Nebulae
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Catalog Ra
  (73 inputs)
Thierry Raffaelli
The catalog Ra includes: 10 planetary nebulae
1 likely planetary nebula
57 possible planetary nebulae
5 other objects
NameGal. Coord.RADECSizeType
Ra 1PN-G 066.5+15.118:54:45.77+36:30:12.000.3 arc minTrue PN
Ra 2PN-G 048.9+04.319:05:12.00+16:13:44.001 arc minPossible PN
Ra 3PN-G 050.1+03.119:12:10.00+16:46:33.000.1 arc minTrue PN
Ra 4PN-G 077.3-04.020:44:13.00+36:07:38.000.3 arc minTrue PN
Ra 5PN-G 086.2-01.221:02:38.00+44:46:42.000.2 arc minTrue PN
Ra 6PN-G 082.2+09.020:00:59.00+47:34:11.000.3 arc minPossible PN
Ra 7PN-G 040.8-09.719:40:43.00+02:30:32.002.3 arc minPossible PN
Ra 8PN-G 078.3+10.219:43:46.00+44:49:49.000.5 arc minConfirmed as non PN by DSH
Ra 9PN-G 063.7-10.520:31:09.00+21:21:41.001.5 arc minPossible PN
Ra 10PN-G 086.5+01.820:50:13.00+46:55:18.000.8 arc minTrue PN
Ra 11PN-G 086.5+01.818:25:15.00+00:02:03.000.4 arc minTrue PN
Ra 12PN-G 055.6+06.819:08:29.00+23:18:25.000.2 arc minPossible PN
Ra 13PN-G 069.3+03.019:53:47.00+33:30:19.000.1 arc minPossible PN
Ra 14PN-G 090.2+16.719:39:44.00+58:02:11.003.7 arc minPossible PN
Ra 15PN-G 072.0+08.019:38:36.00+38:18:34.000.4 arc minConfirmed as non PN by DSH
Ra 16PN-G 058.1-03.719:53:43.00+20:26:34.000.3 arc minPossible PN
Ra 17PN-G 059.1-01.419:47:28.00+22:28:24.000.3 arc minPossible PN
Ra 18PN-G 130.2+00.701:55:39.00+62:40:20.001 arc minPossible PN
Ra 19PN-G 129.7-07.001:39:21.00+55:12:14.001.3 arc minPossible PN
Ra 20PN-G 044.6-14.820:05:48.00+03:19:38.000.2 arc minPossible PN
Ra 21PN-G 111.0+02.823:02:57.00+63:13:07.000.3 arc minIonised ISM
Ra 22PN-G 130.5-14.701:34:56.00+47:29:39.002.5 arc minPossible PN
Ra 23PN-G 032.1+00.118:49:32.00-00:38:08.000.2 arc minPossible PN
Ra 24PN-G 056.4 -00.319:37:40.00+20:35:47.000.5 arc minTrue PN
Ra 25PN-G 203.1-03.006:22:35.00+07:18:53.000.3 arc minPossible PN
Ra 26PN-G 069.0+03.819:49:35.00+33:36:01.000.5 arc minPossible PN
Ra 27PN-G 066.0-07.820:27:23.00+24:48:25.000.3 arc minPossible PN
Ra 28PN-G 070.5-01.420:14:43.00+32:08:34.000.1 arc minPossible PN
Ra 29PN-G 052.2-10.420:05:22.00+11:53:36.000.4 arc minPossible PN
Ra 30PN-G 189.0-00.306:04:32.00+20:57:01.000.8 arc minTrue PN
Ra 31PN-G 040.6-01.519:11:04.00+06:08:44.000.4 arc minPossible PN
Ra 32PN-G 137.2-02.602:39:36.00+57:12:23.000.5 arc minPossible PN
Ra 33PN-G 129.5+03.701:56:05.00+65:44:16.001.3 arc minPossible PN
Ra 34PN-G 187.8+02.906:14:35.00:+2::3::04.01 arc minPossible PN
Ra 35PN-G 090.6+16.019:45:56.00+58:06:13.004 arc minPossible PN
Ra 36PN-G 071.2+07.919:37:01.00+37:31:46.000.3 arc minConfirmed as non PN by DSH
Ra 37PN-G 070.6-01.720:16:03.00+31:58:45.001.7 arc minPossible PN
Ra 38PN-G 110.0+02.622:55:58.00+62:33:25.000.1 arc minPossible PN, in stellar formation region
Ra 39PN-G 184.1-04.705:37:30.00+22:57:13.900.6 arc minPossible PN
Ra 40PN-G 075.2+04.420:02:51.60+39:15:31.500.3 arc minPossible PN, galaxy ?
Ra 41PN-G 188.9-01.905:58:15.00+20:16:17.000.6 arc minPossible PN
Ra 42PN-G 095.7-15.022:30:05.00+40:15:33.001.6 x 1.8 arc minPossible PN
Ra 43PN-G 094.1+02.621:17:54.00+53:09:39.000.7 arc minPossible PN
Ra 44PN-G 356.6+07.817:07:21.15-27:21:41.500.1 arc minPossible PN
Ra 45PN-G 180.1-06.505:21:05.55+25:13:18.400.8 x 0.3 arc minPossible PN
Ra 46PN-G 136.2-03.702:30:17.00+56:33:37.001.6 x 1.6 arc minPossible PN
Ra 47PN-G 161.5-00.404:50:23.14+43:45:42.403.1 x 3.1 arc minPossible PN
Ra 48PN-G 171.9-16.304:25:10.00+25:36:51.001.1 x 0.7 arc minPossible PN, bipolar morphology ?
Ra 49PN-G 173.2-15.504:31:13.53+25:09:13.201.3 x 0.9 arc minSNR ?
Ra 50PN-G 102.0+00.122:10:45.27+56:23:13.100.4 x 0.3 arc minTrue PN
Ra 51PN-G 187.7+01.506:08:52.00+22:57:21.000.6 x 0.6 arc minPossible PN , circular nebulosity
Ra 52PN-G 129.0-01.501:41:52.00+60:45:07.000.7 arc minPossible PN
Ra 53PN-G 129.7-07.401:38:43.40+54:50:25.000.7 arc minPossible PN, nébulosité très faible
Ra 54PN-G 192.0+00.706:14:40.00+18:49:15.001.0 x 0.6 arc minLikely PN
Ra 55PN-G 201.3+04.106:45:05.00+12:12:53.002.2 x 1.7 arc minPossible PN
Ra 56PN-G 110.9+03.123:01:23.00+63:26:45.000.4 x 0.5 arc minPossible PN, very faint nebulosity
Ra 57PN-G 097.4-02.421:56:40.67+51:34:59.500.1 x 0.3 arc minPossible PN
Ra 58PN-G 131.0-07.701:47:12.00+54:17:06.001.0 x 1.0 arc minPossible PN
Ra 59PN-G 110.1+03.222:54:20.00+63:09:28.000.5 x 0.3 arc minPossible PN
Ra 60PN-G 061.3+17.218:36:01.00+32:40:19.001.8 x 1.5 arc minPossible PN
Ra 61PN-G 008.8+06.217:42:32.40-18:09:44.200.1 arc minPossible PN
Ra 62PN-G 010.0+12.217:23:46.39-13:59:44.400.1 arc minPossible PN
Ra 63PN-G 065.9-08.020:27:52.15+24:36:18.000.5 arc minPossible PN
Ra 64PN-G 226.7-02.807:06:49.95-13:36:59.700.7 x 0.8 arc minPossible PN
Ra 65PN-G 000.1+50.800:11:45.64+50:49:38.101.8 x 0.8 arc minCometary globule, Possible PN, elongated nebulosity
Ra 66PN-G 083.6-02.120:57:03.75+42:06:27.000.2 arc minPossible PN
Ra 67PN-G 084.3+03.120:36:07.20+46:01:53.000.2 arc minTrue PN
Ra 68PN-G 138.5-18.902:11:11.20+41:29:35.304.6 arc minPossible PN
Ra 69PN-G 070.6+09.119:30:23.61+37:37:06.800.1 arc minPossible PN
Ra 70PN-G 007.1-00.818:04:45.60-23:12:22.700.1 arc minPossible PN
Ra 71PN-G 320.1+01.215:03:16.90-57:07:19.700.1 arc minPossible PN
Ra 72PN-G 353.7-00.717:33:06.77-34:38:16.200.1 arc minPossible NP
Ra 73PN-G 038.0+01.818:54:12.34+05:26:42.900.1 arc minPossible NP
Planetary Nebulae
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  Current classification:
855 inputs in total, with:
- 60 planetary nebulae
- 20 likely planetary nebulae
- 632 possible planetary nebulae
- 143 other objects
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125 inputs have been added to the lists, with:
- 106 PN candidates and 19 "objects"
  PN candidates not yet published:
NameGal. Coord.Origine
StDr 53PN-G 105.4-03.3IPHAS, DSS...
StDr 52PN-G 012.4+02.5SHS, PanSTARRS...
StDr 51PN-G 014.1-00.7SHS, PanSTARRS...
StDr 50PN-G 324.8+00.8SHS, DECaPS...
StDr 49PN-G 025.6-08.3SHS, PanSTARRS...
StDr 48PN-G 247.0+01.0SHS, DECaPS...
StDr 47PN-G 253.7+19.4DSS, PanSTARRS...
StDr 46PN-G 133.2-00.9IPHAS...
StDr 45PN-G 049.8+02.0IPHAS, PanSTARRS...
StDr 44PN-G 220.9-00.8SHS, PanSTARRS...
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188 observations made
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