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September 30th 2020 - Lionel Actuality
Balance sheet of amateur PN spectroscopic observations
August 12th Actuality
Thomas Petit
Mise à jour des listes I et II (11)
May 28th Actuality
Thomas Petit
Mise à jour des listes I et II (10)
May 15th 2020Other / Varius
Pascal Le Dû
Des travaux amateurs cités dans une future publication de Quentin Parker
April 15th 2020PN Confirmation
Lionel Mulato
Spectroscopically confirmed PNe by PNST in early 2020
April 10th 2020Other / Varius
Lionel Mulato
Creating an image via spectral scans: M57
April 3rd Actuality
Dana Patchick
Les nouvelles découvertes de Dana Patchick sur !
April 2nd Actuality
Thomas Petit
Mise à jour des listes I et II (9)
March 8th Actuality
Thomas Petit
Mise à jour des listes I et II (8)
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Planetary Nebulae
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Example: PN-G 262.4-01.9 or DeGaPe 32
  Current classification:
967 inputs in total, with:
- 64 planetary nebulae
- 23 likely planetary nebulae
- 726 possible planetary nebulae
- 154 other objects
In 2020...
240 inputs have been added to the lists, with:
- 204 PN candidates and 36 "objects"
  PN candidates not yet published:
NameGal. Coord.Origine
PaStDr 5PN-G 063.3+15.8Markus Blauensteiner, Pan...
Pre 70PN-G 328.3-09.3SHS, DSS...
Pre 69PN-G 334.1-01.0SHS, DECaPS...
PaStDr 4PN-G 320.2-07.9SHS, DSS, GALEX, X. Strot...
MoMi 2PN-G 083.9-05.3DSS, PanSTARRS...
MoMi 1PN-G 146.7+03.1IPHAS, WISE,PanSTARRS...
StDr 104PN-G 156.7-07.6Andreas Zirke, PanSTARRS...
StDr 100PN-G 049.7-04.9IPHAS, PanSTARRS...
StDr 99PN-G 114.0+04.1IPHAS, PanSTARRS, GALEX...
StDr 98PN-G 110.0-04.6IPHAS, Finkbeiner Halpha,...
  PN candidates observations:
250 observations made
Link to the spectroscopic observations list: HERE
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