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Creating an image via spectral scans: M57
  April 10th 2020 - Lionel Mulato  Other / Varius   
Fig1: En haut: Visualisation [NII]6583 Ha HeII4686. En bas: Visualisation HeII4686 [NeIII]3869 [NII]6583.

It is possible to create line flux maps (2D images) of an object by scanning it with a spectroscope. Lionel Mulato tried to realize such images on a bright and well documented PN : M 57. The results are consistent with existing professional data. Images have been created thanks to Christian Buil's ISIS software.

The full article is visible here: lionelmulato/spectro/scan-m57-en

Une version française est également disponible ici: lionelmulato/spectro/scan-m57
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Date: April 10th 2020
Author: Lionel Mulato
Category: Other / Varius
Article id: 46
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