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Les nouvelles découvertes de Dana Patchick sur !
  April 3rd 2020 - Dana Patchick Actuality   
Fig1: Dana Patchick en 2019
Qui est Dana Patchick ?
Dana Patchik est un astronome amateur américain qui a découvert de nombreuses candidates nébuleuses planétaires, essentiellement à partir d'images professionnelles. Impressionné par nos récents travaux réalisés dans ce domaine de recherche, il a décidé de rejoindre notre groupe en nous transmettant ses nouvelles découvertes. Bienvenue à cet amateur averti qui se présente en quelques lignes !
Du DSH à PNnet...
It seems entirely appropriate to me that the amateur planetary nebula movement is now centered in France. I’ve not forgotten how it was the French Astronomy scene that really took first notice of my curious PN find in Cygnus. Back in 2004, this short article appeared in a French Astronomy Magazine, forwarded at the time by the intrepid Laurent Ferrero.
Back in October 2003, we were taken by complete surprise that a PN could be found at all. The newly founded Deepskyhunters Group (DSH), duly recorded the discovery, little realizing by the end of the decade that such detections would become almost commonplace.
The DSH group that was founded by Bruno Alessi is currently in flux. I’m hopeful that it will re-appear soon, as the many contributions achieved there need to continue to be accessible by we students of planetary nebula, and of the many other types of astronomical discoveries made by the membership over the years.
It’s a real pleasure to now be counted among those that contribute to the French Amateurs Group. We, who bring our discoveries to be accounted for at this group, owe all the hard working folks that keep the web site running, and the content current - a big hand of thanks!

Best regards to all - from Los Angeles, California
Dana Patchick
Fig3: article paru dans le magazine d'astronomie français et relatant la découverte de la "Patchick's Nebula"
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Date: April 3rd 2020
Author: Dana Patchick
Category: Actuality
Article id: 45
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