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Planetary Nebulae
Planetary Nebulae
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  Date  Title  Type
May 19th 2019Semaine de l’Astrophysique Française: demi-journée Pro/Am du 17 mai 201...  Meeting / Conference
February 24th 2019WorkShop à Sacramento...  Meeting / Conference
November 1st 2018RCE 2018, conférence sur les découvertes et confirmations de candidates n...  Meeting / Conference
August 13th 2018Rencontres AstroCiel 2018...  Meeting / Conference
July 6th 2018Journées de la SF2A 2018...  Meeting / Conference
Planetary Nebulae
Respect capital letters and spaces !
Example: PN-G 262.4-01.9 or DeGaPe 32
  Current classification:
708 inputs in total, with:
- 44 planetary nebulae
- 17 likely planetary nebulae
- 537 possible planetary nebulae
- 110 other objects
56 spectra made
In 2019...
177 inputs have been added to the lists, with:
- 37 PN candidates and 14 "objects"
6 PN candidates have been confirmed as true PN
  PN candidates not yet published:
NameGal. Coord.Origine
St 49PN-G 305.9+01.6DECaPS...
St 66PN-G 001.2-00.9SHS, WISE, SPITZER...
St 65PN-G 356.2-01.5SHS, WISE...
St 64PN-G 336.2-03.2DECaPS, SHS, WISE...
St 63PN-G 339.5+01.3DECaPS, SHS, WISE...
St 62PN-G 336.4+01.1SHS, DECaPS...
St 61PN-G 323.8-01.2DECaPS, SHS, WISE...
St 60PN-G 316.7-01.1SHS, WISE...
St 59PN-G 315.9+02.1DECaPS, SHS...
St 58PN-G 315.7+02.1DECaPS, SHS, WISE...
  PN candidates observations:
149 observations made
Link to the spectroscopic observations list: HERE
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